Baby Diaper Bag

Every weekend, I would bring two bags with me when we bring our daughter out.

When I saw the picture of Okiedog baby diaper bag ( on Motherhood magazine, I fell in love with it.  But the price tag of ~ SGD$89 didn’t make me too excited about purchasing it. I had intended to make a trip to the retail shops to check it out, but dropped the idea when I read on a forum about a mummy using her favourite big tote bag with Lugmax bag organizers ( as her baby diaper bag. The Lugmax bag organizers are not expensive, yet very practical, I thought.

I asked my colleagues if they were interested to join me in purchasing the Lugmax bag organizers, and a few of them did. I was extremely exicited when a colleauge (who kindly offered to collect our purchases for us) brought our purchases to office yesterday. We love the bag organizers, and are even thinking of buying more!

I couldn’t wait to shop for a big tote bag to use with the organizers, and went down to Bugis Junction this evening. Sadly, I didn’t find anything I like. I settled for a practical big tote unisex bag from ZINC (at Jurong Point) eventually. I like the bag  for its many zip pockets (4 extermal and 1 internal) and big zip opening, but wished it was in purple, blue, or something more exicting. I can’t wait to use them!

ZINC Bag and Lugmax Bag Organisers


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2 Responses to Baby Diaper Bag

  1. shu-yin says:

    lugmax bags sounds so cool. how much are they? i dont see any price tags in their site! only available in spore?

  2. Eunice says:

    Hey Shu-Yin, I bought them from a local online site. The big one is SGD$12.50, small one isSGD $8.50. I’m trying to contact the manufacturer to buy the second batch – my colleages like them and are asking for second batch.

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