The cold bug and a tired mummy

Within a short span of two months, my boy caught three kids of flu virus/cold one after another. I got desperate.

In addition to Vitamin C (which we stopped after his first of this three-series of flu/cold bug, and forgot about it until two days ago), I started both my children on Omega 3 oil (gummy sweets). Hope their immunity systems get better. It hurts me to see them sick and unhappy.

The past two days I was home, my boy was like a koala bear all day long, wanting me to carry. He was cranky and grouchy within half an hour of each runny nose medicine dose. It was energy draining. Being sensitive to my girl’s jealousy while I attended to my boy was important but mentally draining.

It didn’t help that my dear husband wasn’t naturally good with handling grouchy kids. He watched TV while I didn’t even have the time to drink water. I had to disrupt him rudely and specially requested that he be creative in engaging the kids while I have a cup of water 😦 I’m thankful that my Mother-In-Law and or helper took care of the cooking and household chores.

My boy needed so much attention that we let him play water. My girl and niece wanted the same water play. I had to find an alternative as my boy agreed to stop his water play sessions after a few hours. I bought Play-Doh, a basic letters and numbers set at $9.90 (while my boy was asleep and my girl was at school).

Little did I expect myself to enjoy Play-Doh. The kids mixed up all the colours on the second day of play. Below are some of my creations.




During my rushed-shopping trip, I saw a Huggies offer. Buy $60 worth of diapers and get a free jungle tent worth $39.90! I bought two jumbo packets of ultra, and two smaller packs of pull up pants. I surprised myself by carrying all that, together with a three-pack big size Pigeon wet wipes home. The journey was an MRT station ride and a ten minutes walk. The next day, I hand carried another set of diapers home as I wanted a tent for each of my kid. Phew! But my husband instead of appreciating my efforts only said “My dear wife is always so eager.” 😦



About chewingonit

I'm a mother of two, facing challenges each day in all aspects including building family ties, relationship building, parenting, income earning, career building, self-awareness, intellectual learning, ... the list goes on.
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