Teaching at home is a challenge

After that one and only successful session my husband taught our girl to write the number 3, she has refused to practice writing with my husband. 😦
A sign that everything is Mother’s job (not again!)

Today I taught the children the life cycle of an apple (free resource from Montessori for everyone). After that I gave them the picture of the cycle with no pictures. They got the small laminated pictures I handed to them placed into the squares. They didn’t get all correct though they seemed to enjoy the activity. Following immediately, I handed them a writing sheet to practice “a”. My younger boy couldn’t write yet.

My main student, elder girl wrote three “a”s, and requested for me to guide her along. I did so for a good few “a”s, and asked her to continue in her own. She did so only after I announced that next up is story time (me telling stories I made up or got inspired from a book I browsed at the bookstores), and she will be excluded if she doesn’t finish up her writing practice. She finished her practice. I’m so so so soooo happy! I did it, the positive way!

So here’s my rant. I spent a lot of time preparing materials so that I can teach my children. But i sense that my family is not too supportive. Maybe they support me but I don’t hear any positive reinforcements or encouragements. I asked my husband if he was happy with what he saw. He replied “yes”. I waited and waited but didn’t hear any more words.

Am I dealing with Typical Asians? No sound means good news? Scold means bad job. 😰 I guess I would rather hear some positive encouragement to move on. So here’s what I should do now:
1. Give myself a pat on my back.
2. Good job Mummy!
3. Now you may rest for the night.

After seeing the photos below, please don’t ask me why my girl coloured her apple black. I told her I would buy her a black apple the next day and she gave me a cheeky disapproval look.





About chewingonit

I'm a mother of two, facing challenges each day in all aspects including building family ties, relationship building, parenting, income earning, career building, self-awareness, intellectual learning, ... the list goes on.
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