Wavy Hula Hoop at my doorstep!!!

“Ding Dong”. The children ran to the door. “I didn’t order anything recently” I whispered to myself. “MeeMee!” shouted GerGer as I walked from my room to the hall. A courier guy at the door, with a parcel wrapped in brown paper, asked for me. I signed and received the parcel as the addressee and address were correct.

My girl was very eager to have me open the box. I read the label in detail and saw the words “Happy Hooping!“. This rang a bell, and I realised it must be a gift from my Mumprenuer friend, May (read my earlier post about her). She has been a great mummy-friend-in-need, encouraging me when my sales figures were below my targets, and when my energy level is drained by the children. Of late, I have been confiding in her about my business hurdles. She reminded me of the right path I have chosen – to spend more time with my children – and not pressure myself with my sales targets. She reminded me to appreciate the magical ten-minute walks to and from school with our children, as those are the times our children would tell us most things about themselves or how their day went.

May was so sweet to have brighten my day with a surprise gift. It was the wavy Hula Hoop for beginners! Exercise does keep one happy. Ever sinWavyHulaHoopBoxFrontce I had knee pain last September, my weekly jogging sessions were reduced to occasional walking sessions. The occasional walks have stopped since January this year, when a pinched nerve welcomed me into the year 2013. In February, I had my lower curved spine corrected. And by March, the numbness in my right outer thigh has finally deserted me for good.

So is hula hoop the answer for my new exercise regime?  (read full blog post here)


About chewingonit

I'm a mother of two, facing challenges each day in all aspects including building family ties, relationship building, parenting, income earning, career building, self-awareness, intellectual learning, ... the list goes on.
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