Chinese Character Stroke Order (Sequence)

In Singapore, English is the language used for all teaching subjects. That is why we (parents) read to our children, exposing them to the language from young. In our multiracial country, children of different races will take a Mother Tongue subject. For Chinese like us, we have to learn and remember Chinese words (or characters) with strokes looking like pictures. When GerGer was four years old going on five, she found it difficult to write Chinese words, and as such she was not motivated to complete her K1 (Kindergarten One) homework.

It did not take me long to think of how I could help her. I took advantage of her intense interest and talent in drawing to help her. I told her that each Chinese word is like a picture. If she practice writing them well, it would improve her drawing skills. One magical suggestion and she had no more issues with Chinese words. Of course, my task was so easy because GerGer is a self-motivated, and hard working girl. She is able to put thoughts together to come up with her very own way to learn most things.

When BoiBoy started K1 this year, I knew it was going to be tough for me to motivate him and engage him. I am thankful that he has a very kind and motivating Chinese Teacher which helped him build up his confidence in the language. Her secret was kind and motivating words to feed his ego.

Being a busy self-employed Mom, my spare time was mostly filled with work related tasks. I feel guilty everyday for not spending enough time to coach them in their learning journey. So I asked myself what should I equip them with? A formula somewhat, … perhaps….., which will help them till they are into their Primary School learning journey.

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