How my children learned to cycle the safer way.

The bicycle wobbled. My arms were stiff with fists clenched tightly onto the handles. My legs froze. Before I could move any muscle, I was thrown off the bicycle.

It hurt tremendously. My right knee was badly scrapped against the rough track Cyclingsurface. There were bruises on my hands and elbows. All my schoolmates who had just taught me how to cycle were way ahead of me. I was left behind, with no experience in tackling the steep and winding slope. It felt especially lonely as I sat up. I had to get back up in order to catch up, or they won’t be able to find me. (note: we did not have pagers, nor handphones then.)

That night was a painful and sleepless one. My mum ran out first thing the next morning and came back with a tube of antiseptic powder. (She is a very resourceful mum). The powder dried up my wound really fast and I felt so much better after two applications. I was 14 and it was the most painful injury I had. The wound was deep. It was one I could never forget. Today, the scar is still on my knee.

The terrible fall I had at 14 years of age had made me determined to help my children learn cycling through a safer process. I searched for information online and tried a few ways.  ……. [click here to continue reading].


About chewingonit

I'm a mother of two, facing challenges each day in all aspects including building family ties, relationship building, parenting, income earning, career building, self-awareness, intellectual learning, ... the list goes on.
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