A pleasant surprise on first day of 2016.

A pleasant surprise on first day of 2016.
The 2015 year end school holiday is coming to an end. BoiBoy was sick for the first week of the holiday. When he recovered GerGer got the virus. Her symptoms were different. She had fever for about 5 days, recovered for two days (we managed to go out for that two days) and then she had fever again for 5 days. When she recovered, we caught a movie, went to KidsStop!, Jurong Safra Kids Amaze, jogged, and shopped.
Our new domestic helper arrived shortly in mid December. Instead of being a great help, she arrived with a strong cold bug and passed on the virus to the whole family. Her arrival brought us distress. She is slow at learning, refuses to listen to our instructions and does everything against our practices. The family quarreled over the decision to send her away or keep employing her. Unhappiness filled our flat.

It is no joke to have the whole family sick and an unhelpful helper in the house. On Boxing Day, DeeDee and Grandpa went overseas for a night to attend a wedding. Grandma was too sick to join them. I was home taking care of two sick and grumpy children. Two days later we brought them to the General Practitioner: GP (their regular Pediatrician was on long leave) and they were given antibiotic. They had so much medication that they lost their appetite, felt lethargic, and were grumpy. We were so worried. The next day, I had fever. “Not another problem?!?” I teared. After self-medicating for two days my fever and cough did not go away. Reluctantly, I went to the GP with GerGer on New Year’s Eve. I brought GerGer along as her fever seemed to be stubborn and she vomited twice that day.

BoiBoy chose to accompany her when GerGer rested in my bed, instead of watching television. I smiled with joy as I watched this attention-seeking boy show concern for his sister.

On New Year’s Day, I vomited the whole day…….. [ read on ]

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Motherhood and Business in the year 2015

This year is coming to an end very soon. GerGer has completed her Primary 1 and BoiBoy

Christmas Card Design 01

Christmas Card Design

has graduated from Kindergarten this year. This is also the year we sold off our business setup, at the right time and price. On the domestic side, we have sacked our helper as we found out she was meeting her boyfriend while she lied to us about needing time off to run emergency errands.

It has been a rough year. Wait a minute, which has hasn’t been rough on me after I started my Motherhood Journey? Hmmm….

I seldom rant here, but I think I need to let out a little here this Season. My apologies to followers to hates to read rants.

GerGer’s Primary One Journey

GerGer teared at the school gate for the entire period in Term 1 when I sent her to school. My heart sank each time I watched her bravely walking into her school with tears rolling down her eyes. We knew that she is a sensible girl. What we discovered was her emotionally brave side, and we were so proud of her.

I kept chit chatting with her whenever I had the time in Term 1. DeeDee agreed to let me take time off from our business operations during this time. GerGer was sad she had no friends. She was shy (is still shy) and introverted. In school, she was soft spoken. She was not adapting well to a system much larger than her Kindergarten.

To my dismay, …… [ read on ….. ]

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Confused about phonics?

Ever since my previous blog post about “ Marrying the Letterland Characters with Phonemic Chart“, I am glad to have received various requests for the materials. However, many in my circle of mothers have responded that they do not understand what I have written.

I figured that my earlier blog post might be too technical for those who do not know what phonics, or phonemes are. In this blog post, I will attempt to put in simple terms what these are all about. ……  [ read on ..]

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How to draw a cute flamingo [with Dagi Stylus, and Procreate on iPad]

I received a lot of encouragement on my first non-professional Demo Video on the use of Dagi Stylus P702. A dear friend suggested I demonstrate how to draw some of my latest art works (I do art works used for other purpose), and I decided to do the one on a cartoon flamingo……. read more

P507 four colours


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Dagi Stylus P702 Demo Video

The children’s writing table was there. GerGer was using it a while ago when I coached her with the loads of school homework she had. It has not been kept by my domestic helper. It was just there, as if waiting for me to do something on it. I took out my iPad4, and decided to do my very own Demo Video for the Dagi Stylus P702 which I have been selling for years……. [read full blog post – click here]



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It is a good thing that the children are noisy.

Before I had children, I didn’t enjoy noise that children made in restaurants, on the plane, and almost anywhere else. Now that I am a mother, and have (sort of) gotten used to the noise, I don’t get disturbed by noisy children. Instead, my attention will be to see if I can tell what the child wants or needs. My paradigm has shifted…….  [Read Full Post here] …….

The drawing in this post was done using Dagi Sylus P702 on iPad 4. Hope you like it.

Mummy Scene

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The /f/ phoneme; Firefighter in Letterland

On good days when time falls on my lap, I’ll make worksheets for the children based on my earlier post about phonemes and Letterland sounds. I share one example in this post. It is about the /f/ sound in the phonemic chart, and also the sound that Letterland’s Firefighter makes.

[read full post here .….]


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